Retirement Sanctuary for Laboratory Animals


How and where your donations are used
Since our sanctuary is run primarily by volunteers, all the money goes to the retirees.  That form takes on chow, produce, peanuts and other treats.  Our volunteers scour garage sales for toys and enrichment devices they think the monkeys will enjoy.

Our retirees receive excellent veterinary care and medical support from local veterinarians as well as primate veterinarians from Houston, Austin, Bastrop and surrounding areas.

When we do pay labor costs it is when we are expanding or building out a new enclosure that requires a professional.  

Yes, it takes money to run a nonprofit business but we are always seeking the best way to spend the dollars that people have so graciously donated.  We even talk to our donors about how they think the money should be spent.  This allows them input and also educates them as to the expenses a sanctuary can incur.  

Since our donors come from many different backgrounds, their input and ideas are critical to us here at RSLA.  No one does this alone! 
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