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Recently the Sanctuary has undergone several BIG changes.
As we grew so did our need for a bigger clinic. Construction started August 2019 and was not finished till November 2019. This new building provided the space needed for our veterinarians to treat our retirees onsite, more space for food prep, and storage space for tools and supplies necessary for the maintenance of the sanctuary. The addition of the walk-in cooler also provided a critical storage space for the produce used to feed, thus allowing it to remain fresh for a longer period of time.
(Above is a picture of our outdoor walk-in cooler where we store all our produce.)
Once we shifted our daily food prep and sanctuary maintenance supplies to the new building, remodeling began on our old clinic. Student worker, Tesha Landry, replaced the vinyl tiles that had seen better days with new ones and finished it off with new trim. A week of organizing ensued. Medical supplies, that had been so generously donated to us, were sorted and made easily accessible. The building now functions as our medical supply storage and office.