Retirement Sanctuary for Laboratory Animals, Inc.


The Retirement Sanctuary for Laboratory Animals, Inc. is a non-profit organization created for animals retired from research institutions.
The three R’s of biomedical research include:
Reduction in the amount of animals used,
Refinement in technique and
Replacement alternatives.

Those currently in research have advanced to the point of adding a fourth “R”…

RSLA’s success is due to the experience and knowledge it brings from inside the world of animal research.  The owner and founder of RSLA spent 29 years in the field of behavioral/ psychological research at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. Our Board of Directors and Advisory Committee provides a valuable source of knowledge from many fields: fields which focus primarily on the welfare of the animals without exploiting the research institution or the animals themselves.

It is not necessary for an organization such as this to bridge the gap between activists and biomedical research.  It is only necessary to allow doors to be opened with confidence that the animals will have a protected and rewarding environment without the negative rhetoric that stops the communication process.