Retirement Sanctuary for Laboratory Animals



Future Endeavors

Warming houses are needed!

We are currently looking at building warming houses and attaching them onto the back of our four large cyno groups' enclosures. Their old houses have seen better days and we want to build a more sustainable and permanent place for them. These warming houses will be built out of cinder blocks and allow the retirees to escape from the weather outside to a warm, dry place. The houses will include a wire panel so that there is human space as well. This will allow for  heaters to be placed inside during the winter months without the fear of monkeys tampering with them. The human door on the outside will also allow for routine cleaning and maintenance to be performed easily. We feel that these houses are the best solution to providing a warm and cool escape from the outdoors for our cynos.
(Above is a picture of one of the enclosures that the warming houses will be attached to.)