Retirement Sanctuary for Laboratory Animals

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Future Endeavors

Enclosure Expansions
While we like the enclosures we currently have, we are constantly striving to improve the quality of life for our retirees. This means we are looking to add on to many of our enclosures, to allow for more room and better mobility. We are confident these expansions will increase the movement and thereby the health in our residents, allowing them to live a long, happy life. Some of the things needed for closure expansion include concrete pillars, fencing, and tin roofing supplies. We would appreciate any contributions made to make our dream a reality.
Routine Maintenance
Weather tends to take our toll on the structures that our residents have currently. Wooden platforms can only withstand the rain, wind, and blistering heat for so long, so we find ourselves having to replace them every few years. This routine maintenance of sitting/feeding platforms can be costly, but must be done to ensure the safety of our retirees. Some materials needed for this are 2x4 boards, star bit screws, as well as 4x6 decking boards. Any contributions will help ensure a safe place for our retirees to have a safe place to sit up off the ground.